ADT Diamond Products

American Diamond Tool offers a wide selection of diamond products that provide proven technology for the Mining, Oil and Gas and Geo-Construction Industry's most challenging Situations.

  • Impregnated Bits

    Select from a standard range of impregnated bits, series 1 though 15, each designed to handle specific rock characteristics.

  • Reaming Shells

    Our reaming shells are built to handle the toughest conditions. Select from a large range of different designs.

  • Surface Set Diamond Bits

    A wide range of crown profiles and diamond sizes allow you to create the best bit for your project.

  • Amdril PDC Bits

    Choose from a wide range of standard crown profiles or let us design one more specific to your drilling project.

  • Casing and Rod Shoes

    Choose from a large selection of diamond impregnated and surface set designs.

Core Barrels

ADT offers both the Quadlatch and Spearhead Wireline Core Barrel systems with a complete stock of replacement parts. These barrels are ideal for deep hole continuous coring.

  • Quadlatch

    We carry a full range of sizes in the Quadlatch Core Barrel system. See range of sizes below.

  • Spearhead

    We carry a full range of sizes in the Spear Head Core Barrel system. See range of sizes below.

  • Conventional

    Choose from a full range of conventional core barrel sizes. These core barrels require that the drill string be pulled to recover the cut core from the inner tube barrel. The conventional core barrel is ideal for shallow holes an spot coring.

Drilling Accessories

ADT can provide everything you need to get the most out of your drilling and coring equipment, with tools and parts designed to work as hard as you.

  • Casing Advancers

  • Water Swivels

  • Hoisting Plugs

  • Full Circle Wrenches

  • Rigid Wrenches

  • Wireline Swivel, Road Runner and Accessories

  • Piston Mud Pumps and Replacement Parts

  • Crossover Subs

  • Rod Wipers

  • Outer Tube Clamps

ADT Product Catalog

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